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Tooth Extractions from Harmony Dental

The key to maintaining a healthy smile is keeping your natural teeth through proper care. However, sometimes, tooth extraction is necessary as a preventive measure to avoid the negative impact problematic teeth may have on your oral health. Whether that’s impacted wisdom teeth or teeth that are damaged or decayed, teeth extraction at Harmony Dental in Pasadena, TX is done with the utmost efficiency and focus on your continued comfort and oral health.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction 

Despite consistent preventive care and daily hygiene routines, teeth may still become damaged. The doctors at our Pasadena dental practice work with our patients to ensure each extraction is necessary for your ultimate oral health needs. We provide tooth extraction for:

Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom teeth extraction is a common treatment for many patients from their late teens to early 20s. Third molars are extracted if determined they will affect the health of your smile. Impacted wisdom teeth, or ones that have not been fully emerged, can trap food and germs, causing gum infections and problems for other teeth and bone. Removing these extra teeth prevents these problems and furthers the health of your smile

Damage and Decay 
If your tooth has been severely damaged due to decay, has failed root canal therapy several times, or has been loosened from advanced periodontal disease in which the gum line has drastically receded, this may call for extraction. However, having a missing tooth can impact your facial structure and allow for a shifting of natural teeth impacting your bite. Dental implants are suggested for patients who undergo necessary tooth extraction but would like replacements. 

As the goal for orthodontic treatment is to align teeth for a healthier bite and a straighter smile, you may have too many teeth in a comparatively small arch. To relieve crowding, tooth extraction can be a part of optimal orthodontic treatment. Normally, premolars are the recommended targets for extraction related to this specific purpose. 

Focused on Your Comfort during Tooth Extraction in Pasadena, TX

The dentists and compassionate staff at Harmony Dental are focused on your comfort during your dental treatment. We understand that dental visits can make patients anxious, which is why we take the time to speak to you, explain how your procedure is going to work, and do our best to provide a relaxing atmosphere. We offer oral conscious sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation methods for significantly anxious patients. Our Pasadena dentists are highly qualified and always keep your safety and comfort in mind. 

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