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Orthodontics from Harmony Dental in Pasadena, TX

Having a straight smile is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can promote better oral health as well. If you have bite problems, crowded or unevenly spaced teeth, orthodontic treatments are necessary to straighten your smile and create a healthy bite. At Harmony Dental, our Pasadena, TX dentists provide orthodontic solutions for both adults and teens. From traditional phase one and phase two orthodontic treatment with metal braces, to clear aligner systems like Invisalign® and ClearCorrect, we have a solution for your unique situation. 

Phase One and Phase Two Orthodontic Treatment for KidsOrthodontics

Orthodontics work best on growing smiles. With phase one treatment, children can be diagnosed and treated for malocclusion and other problems to minimize treatment in secondary phases. We determine the best methods to treat your child’s unique situation, creating a healthier bite and straighter teeth.

Phase one typically includes palate expanders, spacers, and retainers that correct bite problems, guide misaligned teeth, and control how permanent teeth will develop, helping to maximize results from treatments needed in the future. 

Phase two orthodontics primarily involves straightening the teeth with traditional braces, clear braces, or clear aligners. After the braces are removed, you will receive a custom retainer that must be worn to retain results. Our Pasadena dentists are experienced with this treatment process and are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about this two-phased process to a straighter, healthier smile for your children. 

Straighter Smiles for Adults

Whether you’re suffering from a relapse of poor alignment after previous orthodontic treatment, or you never had the chance to straighten your smile before, our Pasadena dentists offer a range of treatment options to achieve the smile of your dreams. Many patients are concerned about the unpleasant appearance of metal braces, but at Harmony Dental, we offer aesthetically pleasing options, such as: 

Clear Braces – Made up of our tooth colored brackets and wires, patients with mild to moderate issues, such as crowding and spacing, can benefit from this aesthetically pleasing orthodontic treatment. 

ClearCorrect® – A clear aligner system that consists of a series of custom, removable aligners that shift teeth into a straighter position. 

Invisalign® – The leader in clear aligners, these trays are nearly invisible and are removable as well. 

Orthodontic Treatment in Pasadena

At Harmony dental, we provide our patients with the latest in dental technology for comfortable and effective dental treatment. We utilize an intra-oral scanner to take detailed 3D impressions of your smile. This replaces the use of uncomfortable putty impressions. With our commitment to continued education, and our array of orthodontic treatments, we provide our patients with options that best suit their smile needs.

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Drs. Vo and Allamarvdasht, and the rest of the team at Harmony Dental, welcome you and your family to our Pasadena dental practice. For more information about phase one and phase two orthodontic treatment for children, or our Clear Braces and Invisalign® alternatives for adults, contact our dental practice. We offer a no down payment option for new orthodontic patients. Schedule your free consultation today!


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